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AnneMarie Borlind Combination Skin Toner 150ml

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AnneMarie Borlind Combination Skin Toner. An algae extract stabilizes the sebum production of the skin and thus helps to prevent blemishes. An active complex of botanical ingredients binds excessive skin oils and gives a matte finish. Green tea actively protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences.

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How to use
Apply mornings and evenings to a damp cotton ball and gently pat onto the cleansed skin. allow to dry.

Ingredients: –aqua [water] deep spring water. water from the red sandstone strata of the northern black forest in germany. It is obtained from our own well at a depth of 165 meters, and is unchlorinated and naturally pure. Its function is to moisturize the surface of the skin and to act as a solvent for water-soluble ingredients and plant extracts. +alcohol pure, undenatured ethyl alcohol, potable alcohol. obtained by fermenting plants containing starch or sugar. alcohol is deployed as a solvent for extracts and various active ingredients. it also has a refreshing, astringent, toning and preservative effect, and stimulates the circulation. +sorbitol natural sugar alcohol of plant origin that occurs naturally in many fruits. Also used in foodstuffs. Has a moisturizing and moisture-retaining effect. +cyclodextrin cyclodextrin. a ring-shaped sugar molecule produced from plant starch by means of enzymatic conversion. able to absorb oils and similar substances, e.g. excess skin sebum, and so has a mattifying effect. Can also be used as a carrier for active ingredients. +panthenol d-panthenol/provitamin b5. Converts to pantothenic acid/vitamin b5 on the skin. It binds moisture and has a regenerating effect, and therefore wound-healing properties. +camellia
sinensis leaf extract an extract from organically farmed tea plants. when the entire leaves are used, the camellia sinensis extract is called “green tea”. If the leaf buds are processed while they are still closed, this is known as “white tea”. both extracts have a strong antioxdant effect, thus protecting the skin against environmental aggressors (“free radicals”) and guarding against premature skin
aging. the extract also has a mild antibacterial effect. +ascophyllum nodosum extract brown alga/knotted wrack extract. Has a mild brightening effect. evens the complexion and makes it more radiant. +arginine an amino acid: amino acids are protein building blocks and occur in the natural moisturizing factors (nmfs) of human skin. They maintain the skin’s slightly acid surface film (protective acid mantle), and bind moisture. +aroma [fragrance] essential oils, distillates, perfume, fragrances, and aromatic substances. The collective term for everything that contains fragrances: from an individual essential oil through
to perfume compositions made up of many different fragrances. +linalool a fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions. +potassium sorbate potassium sorbate. A nature-identical preservative. It occurs naturally in the unripe fruits of the rowan. +citric acid citric acid. Derived by fermentation from corn substrate. used to regulate the ph value of cosmetics.