AnneMarie Borlind ZZ Sensitive Protective Day Cream Moisturiser 50ml (Vegetarian)

AnneMarie Borlind ZZ Sensitive Protective Day Cream Moisturiser 50ml (Vegetarian)

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AnneMarie Borlind ZZ Sensitive Protective Day Cream Moisturiser 50ml.  Protective. Soothing. Relaxing. For sensitive, younger skin. A light texture for gentle care. Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. Golden orchid makes the skin feel soothed. Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmed. 100% free of preservatives, fragrances and synthetic colourings. Vegetarian.

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How To Use

Apply to the skin in the morning after cleansing and toning, and massage in gently.


–AQUA [WATER] Deep spring water. Water from the red sandstone strata of the northern Black Forest in Germany. It is obtained from our own well at a depth of 165 meters, and is unchlorinated and naturally pure. Its function is to moisturize the surface of the skin and to act as a solvent for water-soluble ingredients and plant extracts. +CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE A neutral vegetable oil. Obtained from the coconut (the fruit of the coconut palm). The oil has a long shelf life and offers exceptional skin-compatibility. It is rapidly absorbed and does not leave behind an oily shine on the skin. +CAPRYLYL CAPRYLATE/CAPRATE A fatty acid ester. A very light oil component of plant origin that offers good spreadability and does not leave the skin feeling greasy. +ALCOHOL Pure, undenatured ethyl alcohol, potable alcohol. Obtained by fermenting plants containing starch or sugar. Alcohol is deployed as a solvent for extracts and various active ingredients. It also has a refreshing, astringent, toning and preservative effect, and stimulates the circulation. +SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OIL [JOJOBA] Jojoba oil. A liquid wax from the seeds of the jojoba shrub. Cares for the skin, smooths, protects, and maintains the skin’s moisture. It is rapidly absorbed without making the skin look greasy. It is also very resistant to oxidation and offers a slight level of natural protection against light. +SQUALANE Squalane. An oil component of plant origin similar to the squalene in the skin and therefore particularly well absorbed. Makes the skin feel soft, silky, but not greasy, and is very skin-compatible. +GLYCERIN Glycerin. A component of all fats and oils. Glycerin has a moisturizing effect. For BÖRLIND, it is derived solely from vegetable oil. +BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER [SHEA] Shea butter. A solid plant fat obtained from the seeds of an African tree. It has very good care properties and is ideal for dry, irritated skin. A thickening agent in emulsions. +POLYGLYCERYL-6 DISTEARATE An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: plant glycerin and plant stearic acid. +BEHENYL ALCOHOL Behenyl alcohol. A fatty component (fatty alcohol) obtained from the seeds of the moringa tree. Also contained in human skin oil. Cares for the skin and is a thickening agent for emulsions. +MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE Microcrystalline cellulose. Produced by hydrolysis of plant cellulose. A carrier for active ingredients/extracts in powder form. +POLYGLYCERYL-3 BEESWAX An emulsifier based on beeswax. +INULIN Inulin. A polysaccharide from chicory root. Has a conditioning and caring effect on the hair and skin. +ALPHA-GLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE A polysaccharide of plant origin. Its prebiotic properties support the beneficial skin flora and thus strengthen the skin barrier. Ideal to soothe and care for sensitive skin. +XANTHAN GUM Xanthan. A polysaccharide produced by microorganisms from plant substrates containing sugar. A gelling/thickening agent that also stabilizes emulsions. +CURCULIGO ORCHIOIDES ROOT EXTRACT Extract from the root of “golden eye-grass”. A traditional medicinal plant (used in TCM). It has an antioxidant and antibacterial effect. The action mechanism of the root extract improves the functions of the skin’s protective barrier, therefore returning sensitive skin to a “normal” condition. +JOJOBA ESTERS Jojoba wax. In the form of small wax beads, these sustainable and biodegradable exfoliating grains are used in natural exfoliating products. And in an innovative formulation with acacia, Jojoba, and sunflower wax, it is moisturizing, emulsifying, and nourishing. It produces a particularly pleasant and an even lighter feeling on your skin than do either of the waxes on their own. +CETYL ALCOHOL Cetyl alcohol. A fatty alcohol and natural, plant-based emulsifier. +MAGNOLIA OFFICINALIS BARK EXTRACT An extract from magnolia bark. It has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effect. +SODIUM STEAROYL GLUTAMATE A (co-)emulsifier. Used in addition to other emulsifiers in low concentration to improve the long-term stability of emulsions. +CALCIUM ALGINATE Calcium salt of alginic acid. A polysaccharide obtained from brown algae. Used as a natural gelling agent. +FRUCTAN A polysaccharide. Derived from “inca root” (= yacón). Its prebiotic properties support the beneficial skin flora and thus strengthen the skin barrier. Soothes and cares for sensitive skin. +TOCOPHERYL ACETATE Tocopheryl acetate/provitamin E. A more stable form of vitamin E. When it is applied to the skin, it becomes vitamin E by enzymatic conversion, and then takes its antioxidant effect. +GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE A surfactant/co-emulsifier. Produced from plant glycerin and plant fatty acids. It has moisturizing, emulsifying and caring properties. +MALTODEXTRIN Maltodextrin. A polysaccharide derived from plant starch. Supplies moisture and used as a carrier for active ingredients/plant extracts in powder form. +GLYCINE SOJA OIL [SOYBEAN] Soybean oil. A vegetable oil that cares for the skin and makes it supple. +ASCORBYL PALMITATE Fat-soluble form of vitamin C. This fat-soluble form of vitamin C is more light- and temperature-resistant, and is converted into free vitamin C in the skin. It has an antioxidant effect, counteracts skin aging caused by free radicals and prevents emulsions from becoming rancid. +LECITHIN Lecithin. A substance similar to fat, with emulsifying properties. Can be found in vegetable oils from which it is derived. It cares for the skin and hair, and improves combability. Special lecithins can be made into liposomes in which active ingredients can be encapsulated and protected, improving their bioavailability when applied to the skin. +LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT Lactic acid bacteria ferment. A probiotic ingredient that stimulates the skin’s natural immune system. +TOCOPHEROL Vitamin E. Can be found in many vegetable oils. As an antioxidant it prevents these from becoming rancid. It also stabilizes cosmetics and protects the skin against free radicals induced by UV radiation, for example, thus forestalling premature, environment-related skin aging. +HYDROGENATED PALM GLYCERIDES CITRATE An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: plant glycerin and vegetable fat plus citric acid. Binds oil and water. Cares for the skin.