Timeless Truth Control Clarifying Black Charcoal Mask 30 ml

Timeless Truth Control Clarifying Black Charcoal Mask 30 ml

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Timeless Truth Control Clarifying Black Charcoal Mask 30ml, (more widely known as TT Masks) originate from Taiwan and are distributed across the world in 26 countries. TT Mask have received International recognition by claiming places in The Pure Beauty Awards in the UK for the last 3 consecutive years with a Gold Win in 2015.

The Black Charcoal Masks are made of rayon fibres with natural purifying charcoal added during the manufacturing process. Charcoal has unique absorption properties which draw out dirt and oil, eliminate blemishes, promote healing and retain moisture.   With naturally purifying activated charcoal, this clarifying mask tightens pores and removes excess sebum without causing irritation. It also boosts the metabolism of the skin for faster essence absorption.

Good for blemishes, large pores, and oily skin. p-REFINYL and DERMAPUR HP infused strengthens skin natural barrier, regulates sebum production, promotes healthy skin metabolism.

Timesless Truth Beauty Award

Remove from the packet and remove the mesh/gauze from both sides of the eye mask and place one underneath each eye. Leave for appox 20 minutes. Peel off mask and discard and massage in excess of mask under each eye until it’s fully absorbed.:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Watch Hazel Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Evermat

How to use:

  1. Use after face cleansing
  2. Adjust mask to align the centre of the mask with the centre of the skin contours positioning opening for eyes and mouth
  3. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes
  4. Gently massage the remaining essence into skin. Post cleansing is not needed
  5. Apply other skincare regimen or makeup products as necessary Good for blemishes, large pores & oily skin.

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