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  1. “My journey with skincare and facial treatments began in 1998 when I qualified as a Beauty therapist. Since then, I have adapted my treatments as I qualified in more courses (Reiki Master, Zone Facelift Practitioner, Divine Essence Crystal Healing Practitioner) and gained a deeper understanding of how what is going on inside a clients body directly relates to what is happening on the skin. Stress, anxiety, worry and lack of sleep play a huge role in how our skin functions. By practicing Reiki on a client and using crystals during a facial treatment, the results, both on the skin and the clients wellbeing can be outstanding. A lot of what I do is rooted in intuition coupled with over 20 years experience doing facial treatments. It is so important to me that every treatment I do is completely customised and addresses the needs of each individual client. “

“My facial treatments are an experience that is completely individual to each client. The skincare that I use in treatments is Professional grade, Spanish skincare range, Germaine de Capuccini. I retail a lot of different ranges and this gives me great access to quite a lot of product types and textures so that I can really customise your treatment. If you need some guidance choosing the best treatment for you, just get in touch and I will be happy to answer your questions. 


Situated on an eighteen thousand square metre premises in the south of Spain, Germaine de Capuccini has developed some of the worlds most talked about skincare formulations . The successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge technology has enabled the company to bring to market some of the most influential skin care products and professional spa therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.
Germaine de Capuccini’s commitment to premium quality means that each treatment or product is subject to exhaustive effectiveness testing and quality controls. Each development is overseen by physicians and aestheticians to achieve a balance between beauty and wellbeing.

 Germaine de Capuccini has an immense range, a veritable candy shop of premium products and professional spa treatments for the face and body which enables the world’s leading therapists to deliver the ultimate spa experience.

 Germaine de Capuccini boasts an impeccable history backed up by the trust of thousands of spa’s in more than 80 countries all over the world.


Please let me know, when booking, if you are pregnant, on medication or have any illnesses. I can only take pregnant clients after the first trimester. Cold sores, any infectious skin or scalp disorders, broken skin, recent surgery are all contra indicated for treatment. "

Get in touch to book your bespoke consultation and facial experience.

Facial treatments are available Mon-Fri.

Late evening appointments available.

Ballinalard, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary


Prescription Facial €70

After an in depth Skin consultation where we identify your main skincare concerns,we begin with a deep breathing exercise and a mindfulness technique to let you adapt to your surroundings. Get comfortable and enjoy over an hour of self care where I begin with a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam and extraction if needed. Massage of face and décolleté with organic/natural face oils tailored to the needs of your skin, treatment mask, skin booster serum, eye cream, face cream.

Fionnualas Crystal & Reiki Facial €80

After an in depth skin consultation we begin with some deep breathing and a mindfulness exercise to let you start to relax and adapt to your surroundings. You can now set an intention in your mind for the treatment. This facial treatment is a natural therapy that gently balances energies within your chakra systems, infusing them with Reiki, grounding and centring your body for optimal wellbeing. Crystals from the Divine Essence Crystal Healing modality are chosen intuitively for you before your arrival and are placed around you for optimum energetic benefit during the treatment. The skin is double cleansed with a hot towel, exfoliated and a premium face oil is applied. A beautiful facial massage follows with integrated Reiki throughout the face and the bodies chakras. Crystal wands or Gua Sha are used on the skin to help with lymphatic drainage and boost circulation and collagen production. Reiki and Crystals can assist with rebalancing and strengthens your energy and can help reduce stress.The treatment finishes with a skin booster serum, eye cream and face cream.


Zone Facelift Treatment €90

I trained for this treatment in London with its founder, Ziggie Bergman. Hailed in the press as ‘a natural alternative to botox’ this treatment lifts the face and spirit using a combination of Bergman method facial reflexology, Japanese Facelift Massage, specialist tools, Crystal Gua Sha and Quartz Spheres, hot towels and Native American Rituals. It has received rave reviews in Tatler, Telegraph and Daily Mail and is the go to choice for A listers. I also incorporate a deep cleanse, exfoliation and treatment mask in this treatment. The facial reflexology is carried out after an application of specialised Zone Facelift Elixir. This Elixir is anti ageing and contains an amethyst crystal and Native American herbs in each bottle to lift your spirit. This treatment is truly an experience. The treatment ends with a hot towel and application of a skin boosting serum, eye cream and face cream. You can enjoy a stand alone treatment or for more ‘lifting’ and ‘sculpting’ of the face, a course of 12 is recommended. (Once weekly for 12 weeks)

Excel O2 Therapy Oxygenating Facial €80

A superb anti ageing treatment that uses proteins and oxygen to rejuvenate the skin and increase its firmness and elasticity. The skin is transformed, oxygenated, detoxified, strengthened and rejuvenated and appears bright, radiant and soothed.

Timexpert Vitamin C Anti Age Facial €80

This wonderful Vitamin C and A.G.E. facial is the very first anti glycation treatment on the market.One treatment provides an immediate, intense luminosity, 4 weekly treatments provide a lasting, revitalising effect. Stunning 'flash' treatments or deeply revitalising programme. This treatment  offers firmness and density, immediate uniformity and luminosity,suppleness, hydration and helps prevent ageing.

Hydracure Intense Hydrating Treatment €70

An intensive rehydration treatment for dry and dehydrated skin using the very latest technology to provide total hydration and prevent premature ageing. A complete feeling of comfort leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft and bright.

Purexpert Balancing Facial Treatment €65

A fabulous facial treatment specifically designed to treat hormonal changes in the skin, which can result in breakouts,  balancing the level of oil production whilst simultaneously hydrating the skin.This highly effective Purexpert facial renews and comforts the skin whilst reducing imperfections, purifying and calming the skin. This treatment can be done in under an hour.


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