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A customised facial uses products and techniques that precisely match your skincare needs.  It can address a variety of needs ranging from premature ageing, environmental damage, acne flareups, to dull and patchy complexions.  Sometimes you need to talk to a professional skin therapist, who understands what your skin needs and knows what to do to help you improve it. Here in our Garden Studio just outside Tipperary Town, Fionnuala chooses to tailor each facial treatment in direct response to the needs of your skin.  A qualified therapist, (ITEC, CIBTAC, CIDESCO), she uses award winning Natural Spa brand Annemarie Börlind of Germany in all of her facials. Fionnuala is also a qualified Zone Facelift practitioner, Divine Essence crystal healing practitioner and Reiki Master.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND skin care products are made with naturally active ingredients, combined with cutting edge, innovative technology and their unique, pristine Spa Spring water taken from their own deep well. This thermal water from the Northern Black Forest is free of chlorine, pesticide and herbicide residue and other chemicals found in tap water.  The well, some 160 meters in depth, forms the pure ideal base of all Annemarie Börlind skin care products.


Founded in 1959, Börlind  uses whenever possible, raw materials that are either certified organic or wild harvested. These high-quality raw materials are key ingredients in Börlind skincare products, proving that nature and innovation can work together to produce extraordinary, effective skin care.

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Price   Signature Facial €65

           Crystal healing & Reiki Facial €80

           Zone Facelift Treatment €90


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