Free Cleansing Guide

Why Cleansing is so important. Fionnuala English

Holistic Facialist & Beauty Therapist

I.T.E.C, C.I.B.T.A.C, C.I.D.E.S.C.O

Great skin begins with a great cleansing routine. Consistency when cleansing is key and underpins your entire skincare regime.

Getting into a good daily habit of cleansing correctly twice daily will get your routine off to a flying start and allow for maximum absorption of other active ingredients while supporting your skins barrier function.

You skins health relies on so much more than skincare products. Water intake ,sleep, wearing SPF, daily diet, alcohol intake, smoking, pollution and stress all play their part in how your skin presents itself. Today, we are starting with cleansing.

Barrier Function:

In short, your skins barrier physically protects it from external threats such as infectious agents, chemicals, toxins & allergens and internally protects it from water loss from the body. When the skins barrier is compromised due to using incorrect products or ingredients, you are harming your skins barrier and this can lead to an upset in the skins pH, increased sensitivity in the skin, dehydration and dryness.


Before i get into Cleanser types, remember this. Face wipes are not a cleanser.

Please do not use them on your skin.Now, moving on.

Cleansers fall into many categories and your skin type may change often so, choose mindfully.

Face wash:

Face wash that contain harsh detergents and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) can strip the skins natural oils and affect barrier function. If you prefer to wash your face ie. The feel of water on your skin, choose a hydrating face wash such as purexpert-cleansing-gel-normal-skin- 125ml?_pos=22&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r if skin is sensitive or dehydrated. Use a deep cleansing treatment wash such as purexpert-mattifying-foam-oily-skin- 125ml?_pos=12&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r if you are dealing with acneic breakouts.

Cleansing Milk:

A light formulation and the most popular cleansing option here at Gallaghers on the Green. A gentle, hydrating cleansing option designed to remove makeup and impurities while respecting the skins pH and barrier. Its function is not only to cleanse but to hydrate also. Check out one of my favourites essential-makeup-removal-milk- 200ml?_pos=13&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r

A great cleanser will begin treating your skin for any skincare concerns. Don’t underestimate the power of a great cleanser.


If you like a slightly richer milk option that has added Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and extra added active ingredients you will love excel-therapy-o2-comfort-youthfulness-cleansing-milk- 200ml?_pos=21&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r

Cleansing Cream:

Rich, creamy cleansers contain more oil ( Think of traditional cold cream cleanser). These are best for very dry skin and/or skin prone to sensitivity. They are very rich and nourishing. Check out our beautiful Irish Brand, Dublin Herbalists Galen Cold Cream cream-100ml?_pos=1&_sid=ffac7dde3&_ss=r

Double Cleansing:

Quite simply is cleansing twice. The first cleanser is usually richer to remove SPF, makeup and impurities while the second is a treatment cleanser. Check out another fabulous, cult irish skincare brand Pestle & Mortar Double Cleansing system. double-cleansing-system?_pos=1&_sid=2ceca685e&_ss=r

How to Cleanse Correctly.

This seems pretty basic, right? However i’m sure after reading the above information you have learned something new. Almost all cleansers are opthalmologically tested now. However, the eye area is very sensitive so choose a delicate eye makeup remover to remove any eye makeup first and to gently cleanse your lashes. Here at Gallaghers on the Green i love makeup-remover-125ml?_pos=1&_sid=4c6eb090d&_ss=r


Place approximately 10c piece of cleanser into the palm of a clean hand. Split the cleanser between both hands.I like to breathe the scent of my cleanser in deeply before applying it. I feel that it creates more of a ritual of self care and is the first step in taking care of myself and my skin. Apply to the skin in light circular movements. ( If applying a wash, add a little water to your hands to create a lather and apply to damp skin). Don’t forget your neck area!

Concentrate around the ears and nasal area also. Once the skin is completely cleansed, remove with damp cotton wool or my preferred option is a damp warm facecloth, muslin cloth or reusable pads. My favourites are double-sided-face-cloth?_pos=14&_sid=6bd4f2528&_ss=r

They’re so luxurious and bamboo-makeup-remover-pads?_pos=1&_sid=3d10795a2&_ss=r

If using the reusable cleansing pads, make sure to wash them in the cute little bag provided so that they stay together in the washing machine so that they don’t go to that place where the lost socks go!!


I do like to end my cleansing routine with a treatment toner. Choose your toner according to your skin type. Toners of old traditionally ended up stripping the skin but professional grade toners really can be a superb addition to your routine and it’s a step that a lot of people omit and is a missed opportunity to treat a specific skin concern before applying a serum. If you’re very sensitive you may skip this stage but why not try a beautiful organic rose water toner. Just contact me to order.

For hydration and sensitivity try essential-toning-lotion-200ml?_pos=6&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r


For added hydration & pollution protection excel-therapy-o2-comfort-youthfulness-toning-lotion- 200ml?_pos=20&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r

For combination skin purexpert-refiner-essence-normal-combination-skin- 200ml?_pos=17&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r

For Combination skin & Brightening glycolic-acid-toner-180ml?_pos=11&_sid=6bd4f2528&_ss=r

For Oily, very blemished skin purexpert-refiner-essence-oily-skin- 200ml?_pos=11&_sid=2a8470d22&_ss=r

Some of the above toners for combination/oily or very oily skin contain salicylic acid and are not suitable during pregnancy or in conjunction with other active ingredients in skincare products. Please get in touch for advice.

So there you have it. What seems like a basic concept isn’t so easy to navigate without the correct information. I hope that this information makes everything a bit easier for you and that you can look forward to getting the best from your skincare products and your skin.